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Every mother hopes to have a healthy and clever baby, the meeting is compensatory during be pregnant accordingly all sorts of nutrition, still have be anxious variously. Should discover some day especially, the quickening of darling becomes little, with respect to can special angst. Actually, the quickening of darling is a kind of very normal phenomenon, some darling quickening is frequent, some darling disposition is a bit quieter, quickening is met less. That1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, how doesn’t darling love to move quickening to do less?

Darling does not love to move quickening how to do less

How does fetal quickening do less?

Probably darling is big, the space became little bad activity, some darling sleep in the evening love to move. Pregnant is terminal increase because of fetal bodily form, the child’s activity is satisfied without enough space in the abdomen, pregnant is so terminal, draw near especially expected date of childbirth when quickening will be less, become not apparent, it is normal, you this phase should get ready wait for birth things, prepared to produce at any time. If be to did not draw near expected date of childbirth when fetal quickening is little abrupt a lot of less, the proposal goes to a hospital checking, be afraid of is the child anoxic, feel not right to want to go to a hospital immediately.

Darling does not love to move quickening how to do less

Want special attention abrupt quickening is mixed more become suddenly little, the feeling is incorrect make an inspection, do not want how many money anyway. If had not checked,should consider be in hospital well. Count the pose of quickening: Accurate mom sits down, crural block up, or left lay down, handle is put on abdomen, count a hour continuously. Every feeling gets quickening is recorded. Ask an attention! Single act or follow on action calculate quickening only. Normal quickening frequency: General horary not less than 3-5 second, every 1Shanghai Long Feng forum

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2 hours of quickening are made an appointment withShanghai Long Feng forum

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In 30-40 if second above; is little at meaning fetal darling 20 times the likelihood is palace inside anoxic;10 second specification has risk. Computational method: Method 1: In early in the time that chooses a paragraph of solid to decide each late will count. The quickening number that before sleeping, measures 3 again wants to add, multiply again with 4 those who reach is frequency of 12 hours of quickening. Method 2: Count 1 times every time, count 1 hour every time. Choose the period of time with more active treasure of the one embryo in the day, choose same time everyday as far as possible. General and normal quickening is horary in 3-5 second.

Darling does not love to move quickening how to do less

How does pregnant woman amniotic fluid do less?

Above all we understand amniotic fluid to more or less just calculate first little. HospitalLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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It is to pass B to exceed the state that will understand amniotic fluid to measure mostly, adopt ” law of amniotic fluid index ” it is normal to will decide amniotic fluid is measured. The method is: the uterus cent is 4 quadrant, measure the biggest depth of the amniotic fluid in every quadrant respectively, again addition seeks its total. Summation value is in 8 — whack is belonged to in 24 centimeters limits, be less than 8 pass for amniotic fluid little, be more than 24 to be amniotic fluid overmuch.

Amniotic fluid crosses little amalgamative and fetal deformation. If already diagnose is fetal and unbalanced, should stop as early as possible gravid. Can choose B model supersonic guiding infuse of next puncture of antrum of classics abdomen amnion depend on induced labor of sanded A Ding. Amniotic fluid incorporates too less normal and fetalShanghai Long Feng forum

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. Should discover amniotic fluid is too little, but when fetal growth is normal, should search with purifyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The pathogeny. Can measure through raising fluid infusion, improve placental function, fight infection. Pregnant woman should count quickening by oneself at ordinary times and computation undertakes monitoring, the doctor should undertake fetal biology physics gives a mark. Monitor through B supersonic trends reach amniotic fluid measures the artery that reach hilum highest blood velocity of flow spends systole period with speed of blood stream of diastole period lowest (the ratio of S/D) , undertake fetal electron is guarded, rigor monitors the situation inside fetal palace.