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Believe everybody knows, the health of our body and our vital capacity has certain connection, can react fitly because of the discretion of vital capacity the healthy state of our body, become that is to say when vital capacity is higher, our body the more healthy. Conversely if lung appeared a few diseases, can bring about vital capacity bring down, so how we should practice increasing vital capacity?

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How exercise vital capacity is good

Ran: This is the simplest the most convenient also exercise a project, do not suffer weather effect, cold summer vacation can undertake. To enhancing vital capacity for, the effect that gearshift runs is the biggest. Half step runs 100 meters, run slowly next, such again and again runs, every run two it is a group to 3 kilometers, take exercise every time had better run two go to 3 groups.

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Pull big step to go quickly, because speed spends fast pupil,do not bear. Because at present a lot of students do not have the habit that takes exercise regularly, should practice cantering above all before experienced gearshift runs so as ” preliminary class ” . When cantering, go according to oneself ability, the sentence of excessive is too heavy to heart lungs burden, the word with carry insufficient momentum is exciting and insufficient.

How to judge carry momentum? The pulse after running every time is in minutely 130~140 left and right sides appropriate. Just began to undertake taking exercise, a lot of people have the feeling that does not come on aching gas all over, hold to athletic a week to influence this kind of conditionShanghai Long Feng forum

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Besides can improve greatly, can turn into gearshift to run at this moment. Gearshift runs to also want successive, drill first at first a group, increase an amount stage by stage next.

Swim: Because water is put in pressure to lung, can promote pair of breathing functionary ability the demand, swim so the effect that exercises vital capacity is more not bad than ran, it is at present appropriate middle and primary school lays the optimal pattern that enhances vital capacity. Although winter vacation to be cold, swim to spread out so not as easily as summer vacation, but many gymnastical place have Wen Shuichi, adolescent also can choose winter swimming.

Those who need ambitious shift is to swim to not be equal to dabble, swim ceaselessly repeatedly ability is helpful to promoting vital capacityShanghai noble baby

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. The method that take exercise is similar gearshift runs, also wantFall in love with the sea

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Swim again slow, it is a distance with 50 meters, swim repeatedly back and forth.

Mix about ran swimming is the sport that we like very much at ordinary times, can improve the health simply again already. We should take out proper time to do these two exercise everyday, can not increase our vital capacity very well solely, also have profit very much to increasing the counteractive capacity of our body. Hope this article can help great master.