In the past the Microsoft inside a few days with everyday speed is ” warlike machine 4 ” release small conduct propaganda piece, although looked not to calculate on many satisfy a craving, but the gut trend that anyhow also can make us much know this game. A newest paragraph of 21 seconds are publicized piece be in below, interested player mights as well one view.

Although be new conduct propaganda piece, but actually this video does not have different basically with a paragraph that of yesterday, used beautiful at the beginning one show Marcus – sculpture of phenanthrene Ni Kesi, the narrative flow that new generation leading role comes on stage lets later. In ” warlike machine 4 ” in the leading role of the story will turn into JD- humble Ni Kesi, and this young young general also will accede of father fierce, continue to go all out in this endless war kill.

Last carry, microsoft still can be in renascence of nightmare of 4 hours of late cloth is publicized piece, and this paragraph of video can introduce systematically ” warlike machine 4 ” this game and its gut trend.