” keep watch pioneer ” (Overwatch) is about to be in on May 24 the line on global synchronism, and before this, a lot of players spit groove to show this game in succession already deeply take root was in in his life. For example daydreams the dream leaves to Azrael big 5 kill, see the wall thinks upgrade slips on foot etc, and below it is a real story.

Before long before, a man that holds toy bow appeared to shoot the resident all round ceaselessly in the urban district of American los angeles, and from time to time cries greatly: う of ら of of を of of Fu が my が (dragon, the enemy that gobbles up me) ! Apparent, he is being imitated keep watch the occasion that open of the half Tibet in the pioneer enrols greatly.

This caused the attention of local police very quickly, they arrest their quickly, and while this man is being arrested, still crying greatly: Dragon god and I am in together! And warn a police take care his leg.

Although los angeles police station does not have further statement to this incident, but report according to news source, this man was referred already formally to the court to arresting its police complain, requirement police station recoups his loss.

Looking is one keeps watch the pioneer weighs degree of patient toxicly, so is the player in everybody to had encountered pioneer be keepinged watch to inbreak at ordinary times actual give typical examples? The welcome leaves a message to be shared together with us.