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Lin Dan gives Zhan Yajin to surpass

Wuhan of China News Service on April 25 report (reporter Zhang Qin) 2017 Asian badminton tounament (the following abbreviation ” inferior bright and beautiful contest ” ) contest opens 25 days in Wuhan. Because Lin Dan, Li Zongwei is divided in on half area, two people or will perform again in semifinals ” Lin Li big fight “爱上海龙凤419桑拿


Current inferior bright and beautiful contest, mutual come from an Asia 21 countries and harbor, bay, the 250 Yuming’s athletes of mesa area take part in the match. Came 30 days on April 25, they will be in male single, female sheet, male double, female double, mix double contend spreads ou上海贵族宝贝交流区

t in 5 projects.

Every time feather world center match, “Lin Li big fight ” whether perform, it is to pay close attention to degree of highest topic. Two party also are mentioned in different situation ” our match is hit little. Two party also are mentioned in different situation ” our match is hit little..

Last year inferior bright and beautiful contest, li Zongwei reachs Lin Dan of the conquer in finals, Chen Long in semifinals early or late, 10 years are lain between to be held in both hands again when inferior champion of male single of bright and beautiful contest. This is in China quite the Malaysia famous general that somebody enrages this year or will encounter with old rival Lin Dan again in semifinals, last two people fight hand to hand is finals is surpassed publicly to go up in the Malaysia at the beginning of the month, lin Dan 2:0Conquer Li Zongwei.

Be worth what carry is, li Zongwei ascends world of badminton male single to rank again from June 9, 2016 the first hind, sit firmly up to now throne of head of a list of names posted up. And surpass in the Great Master of 2017 Ch上海夜网

ina badminton that just ends on, although Lin Dan does not have predestined relationship final, earn sufficient integral however, obtain contest of world bright and beautiful will take part in the match August this year qualification. This is meant, the summit summit between two old friend is right definitely still ” unfinished to be continued ” .

After Liyaoao carries, as the retiring of comfortable adept of Wang Yi contain, king, female sheet is immersed in Chinese badminton trough. This go on an expedition inferior bright and beautiful contest, li Xuerui quits game because of the injury, chinese team expedites Sun Yu, He Bingjiao, Chen Yufei, Chen Xiaoxin 4 average ages only player of 20 years old, 4 floret whether instigate crossbeam, remain competition ground examines.

Female double, mixing double all through the ages is project of Chinese badminton advantage, current inferior team of China of bright and beautiful contest has larger winning possibility as before on these two projects. Zhang Nan of champion of Olympic G上海贵族宝贝论坛

ames of male double competition ground, Fu Haifeng will fight side-by-side again.

According t爱上海龙凤419桑拿

o leg arrangement, what 25 days of rate undertake first is each individual qualification contest, the famous general such as Lin Dan, Chen Long, Li Zongwei, Sun Wanhu will begin to come on stage in succession from 26 days appear. Current i爱上海同城论坛

nferior bright and beautiful contest each project final will be held at 30 days. (Be over)

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