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Moment, must want to do do on food and lifestyle a few adjust, such ability assist cure, help illness1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Ill heal. Berpes zoster serves as common disease, not allow to beautiful harm small gaze, when should be being treated more so, notice berpes zoster is no-no, such ability treat good berpes zoster inside the shortest time, return the can oldest rate to go up reduce a disease to be harmed to cutaneous. So, what field does berpes zoster contraindication include?

Berpes zoster contraindication includes what field

After sufferring from berpes zoster besides seeking doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment in time, still should note the following problems:

1. is not beyond the mark and nervous. Big blister, blood blister may appear on some patient skins, even erosion, but never mind please piece, if treatment is proper,10 days are controlled can heal, after curing, won’t have a relapse commonly.

2. rests more, give digestible food and enough water are divided.

3. prevents afterwards to send bacterial infection. Do not want attrition affected part, prevent blister fracture. But external use Chinese herbal medicine or wet apply of Er of thunder husband slave, make blister dry, scabby.

4. old age weighs disease patient, happen in the berpes zoster of woman’s head-ornaments ministry especially, best hospitalization, in case the happening of complication.

5. suffers from berpes zoster to hint force of patient body immunity is in small state, answer to take corresponding step in time.

6. certain patient disappears completely in leather damage hind, still bequeath has neuralgic, can adopt acupuncture, physiotherapy to wait at this moment alleviate aching. The food of berpes zoster is no-no:

1, diet is acrimony tepid food

Wine, smoke, ginger, chili, sheepSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The flesh, beef and decoct blast food taste tepidly tartly, after feeding aid igneous heat build-up easily. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, this disease is poison of fire of damp and hot accumulate knot skin place is strange, reason this disease patient answers diet afore-mentioned hot food that send heat. 2, careful the pleasant that feed fertilizerA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Fat taste

Fat, maltose, milk reachs the food such as Gan Tian, the sex of clogged up of the much dirt that provide burst, fat pleasant, make this ill damp and hot easily poisonous inside unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease accumulate do not amount to,

3, careful feed acerb astringent taste

Of acerb astringent article pea, Gorgon fruit, pomegranate, taro, spinach waits. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, this ill much will that belong to affection not free, liverLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
Knot of obstruction of the circulation of vital energy, long Yu Huahuo, answer feeling poisonous evil and send, cause cure should enrage Yu of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood to give priority to with going. And of afore-mentioned acerb astringent article, make gas blood is illogical easily, poison of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease does not go, aching aggravate. The patient that has berpes zoster is written down sincerely certainly above mentions food, scarcely can eat.

Proposal: Should maintain skin garment by cleanness, it is beautiful in order to wear cotton cloth old underwear. To occurrence blister, do not carry broken, if blister can use alexipharmic injector to smoke too,go blister fluid, but blister wall does not want eliminate, prevent afterwards to send infection. One gigantic bleb is broken, ooze water relatively a long time wants seasonableForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Abluent change underwear food wants delicate, eat some easily digestive food. Top-ranking neuralgic when want seasonable treatment, had better be cure of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Wei Pian of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of A former times often uses remedial berpes zoster, it is the disease-resistant bane content of praise highly of international medicine bound, have specially good effect to berpes zoster, can kill virus, promote the heal that achieve a face, in virus preclinical, inchoate application can be accelerated abreaction, reduce ache and cutaneous damage rate, still can avoid to the skin affects other position and reduce a crowd to get the chance of infection. In addition, the patient is returned can external use

Breast of A Xiluo Wei creams auxiliary cure.

Berpes zoster regards common skin as the disease, current remedial fashion is more, but this is not to mean berpes zoster contraindication not to need a consideration completely. Actually, the remedy with simple berpes zoster, often do not have very good effect, because the pathogeny of berpes zoster also is concerned with food and undesirable habits and customs. Accordingly, berpes zoster is in remedial process, must want to cooperate to carry out berpes zoster contraindication.