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Nectarine is the commonner fruit on the market, a lot of people think nectarine is a kind of food that conveys from abroad, actually nectarine is what appear from China, circulated nowadays Asia withFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, the friend that likes to eat nectarine is rife, included a few nutrition again among them, belong to healthy food. So, for the respect from healthy diet, with what cannot be nectarine fed together?

With what cannot be nectarine fed together?

1, nectarine also cannot eat together with plum, ate to be able to n/med having blood in his stool.

2, nectarine is unfavorable also eat together with persimmon.

3, nectarine cannot mix seafood: Like crab or shrimp eats together.

4, nectarine is unfavorable also with turtle flesh, chelonian flesh, dog meat, the vulcanize sex food such as beef eats together. Ate to cause old disease easily to perhaps produce inflammation.

5, nectarine can be not mixed with the turnip orange eats together.

With what cannot be nectarine fed together?

6, nectarine also cannot eat together with soft-shelled turtle, ate to be able to reduce both nutrient value; to be able to appear on one hand additionally on one hand the phenomenon of agnail of suffer from excessive internal heat.

7, nectarine cannot eat together with liquor. Cannot treat peach as dish, because two kinds are hot and dry food, ate to be able to shed nosebleed, serious when can make a person insensible, cause death even. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Nectarine benefit: Contain a lot ofa vitaminShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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C, nectarine is reformed by peach help advance somebody’s career and become, sweeter than peach, nutrition is a few richer also. OneLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The vitamin C that fresh nectarine place contains, almost OK and contented adult a day of place needs. Vitamin C conduces to the body absorbing Tie Hewei to protect immune system not only, and collagen of main to synthesizing cutaneous component is crucial. Collagen still can promote cut scar, very important to cut heal.

With what cannot be nectarine fed together?

The skin of nectarine is smoother than peach, without disgusting nap. Pulp is harder, color has pink, yellow, white, sweeter than peachShanghai noble baby

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Flavour is thick. Nectarine place contains quantity of heat to compare peach slightly much, it is 36 kilocalorie on average.

Nectarine nutrition is rich, contain sugar 13% , organic acid 1.5% , pectic 1% protein 1.1% , pulp of every 100 grams contains body of vitamin C12 wool, phosphor 40 wool body, calcic 12 wool body, iron is 0.8 wool body, magnesian 14.5 wool body. In addition the amino acid that still contains need of place of 17 kinds of human body kind, carotene.