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The female is in forthcoming month classics when the complement that must notice nutrition, and balsam pear I am actually opposite for it is a kind of clear heat falls igneous food, eating balsam pear appropriately in period female won’t have any effects, but the complement that should notice other nutrition.

 Can classics of female forthcoming month take balsam pear?

1, balsam pear nutrition is rich, what contain protein, adipose, carbohydrate to wait in melon kind in vegetable taller, especially vitamin C content, every 100 grams are as high as 84 milligram, it is 5 times of wax gourd about, 14 times of cucumber, 21 times of pumpkin, house melon kind coronal. Balsam pear still contains glucoside of crude fibre, carotene, balsam pear, phosphor, iron and the; balsam pear such as a variety of mineral, amino acid to still contain more lipoprotein, can promote cancer cell of resistance of system of human body immunity, often edible can enhance function of human body immunity. Of balsam pear acrid, because it contains the Kui peace that fights malaria,be, kui can control the temperature center of excessive excitement rather. Accordingly, balsam pear is providedNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Have distinct hot alexipharmic effect.

 Can classics of female forthcoming month take balsam pear?

2, feminine period is OK and right amount edible balsam pear, right amount edible won’t cause an effect to menstruation.

3, come in menstruation when tide, can appear the symptom such as acid of appetite difference, waist, exhaustion. Right now, appropriate is chosen already action of beneficial skin hairdressing, be opposite again the food with the travel good ” of ” classics water, medicines and chemical reagents. The food that appropriate chooses and medicines and chemical reagents have; hotpot, chicken, red jujube, skin of soya-bean milk, apple, Job’s tears benevolence, oxForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The flesh, milk, egg, brown sugar, motherwort, angelica, cultivated land, peach blossomShanghai Long Feng forum

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 Can classics of female forthcoming month take balsam pear?

4, still have ah do not eat too coolShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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fruit, be like a grape, pear, shouldLoveFall in love with the sea

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Take a place tepid, be like an apple, longan! The girl should protect her well!