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In pregnant initial stage, pregnant woman can drink yoghurt, this health to the body has profit, have the effect of very good filling calcium above all, can safeguard alvine path bacterium next group, such conducing to promote digest, prevent constipation, still have the certain effect that enhances immune power, in the action that defends cancer to fight cancerous side also be pretty good, to fetal growth development has stimulative effect, of course although yoghurt is good, also cannot drink too much, want to pay attention to prandial balance.

Pregnant initial stage drinks yoghurt

1. safeguards alvine path bacterium group

In us the parasitism in alvine path is worn a variety of bacteria, its amount countless, but not all bacterium is harmfulShanghai noble baby

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. For instance beneficial gives birth to bacterium, it protects health of our bowel path namely among them a kind of healthy bacterium group, because this is drinking yoghurt more at ordinary times, the beneficial bacterium such as the beneficial unripe bacterium that its contain group can form biology protective screen, restrain what harmful bacterium to bowel to inbreak.

Pregnant initial stage drinks yoghurt

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2. is promoted digest

Have dyspeptic woman, in at ordinary times OK and right amount drink yoghurt, it can promote gastric juice to secrete, achieve thereby rise appetite and enhance digestive effect.

3. prevents cancer

Many lactobacillus is contained in yoghurt, this kind of material can maintain the normal function that bowel not just, at the same time it still has the effect that reduces certain carcinogen, achieve the effect that prevents cancer thereby.

4. prevents constipation

A lot of females are put in costive circumstance, you may not know, in the advantage that drinks yoghurt in the woman, preventing constipation is a kind among them. Yoghurt passes the fatty acid of short cable length with many generation, come to a large number of growth promote alvine path peristalsis and bacterium style, prevent constipation thereby.

Pregnant initial stage drinks yoghurt

5. enhances power of human body immunity

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Will not have buildup word the day after tomorrow, with respect to the circumstance that can appear to often fall ill. This moment woman can enhance immune power through drinking yoghurt, because lactobacillus is contained in yoghurt, it can produce a few material that enhance immune function, can raise human body immunity, prevent a disease.

6. filling calcium

After yoghurt ferments, solubility of the calcium in yoghurt, phosphor is taller, the peptide such as the CPP that protein decomposes generation kind material, can haveForum of Shanghai night net

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Effect raises the mineral absorption such as calcic, phosphor, iron, zincA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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