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The fruit is the option that a lot of people like, and the vitamin that contains in fruit juice is more, no matter be old person or child,drink fruit juice for a long time to be able to have very auspicious place to the body. Go up in the choice to fruit juice nevertheless, cannot undertake at will, the sort of fruit juice has a lot of, when choosing, need refers to fruit juice, when such drinking, also be to having protection to the body, yangtao juice is right choice, how is yangtao juice made then?

How is yangtao juice done?
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Make a way one.

After the potassium permanganate solution that uses 0.1ppm is disinfected, rinse clean air with clear water, will fruit is broken extract juice to addLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Into raw material weight after the clear water of 15% again agitate compresses 1 times afresh, press 1:0 next.4 or 1:0The scale of.2 joins Bai Sha candy. Heat make saccharic the boil after dissolving 15 minutes, shrinkage fitting canister is taken the advantage of after filtering sealed, finished product yangtao is become namely after refrigeration juice.

How is yangtao juice done?

Make a way 2.

Raw material: ? ? of ê a unit of weight used in ancient China, honey, lemon juice, cool boiled water, broken ice.

1, wash yangtao clean, flay, put fruit juice of the crush out in juicer together with cool boiled water, in cup pouring a person.

2, divide evenly of honey, lemon juice agitate is joined in the cup, throw broken ice can.

How is yangtao juice done?

Value of yangtao juice nutrition is analysed.

1.Often eat barbecue food to be able to make the incidence of a disease of cancer elevatory, because barbecue food issues the meeting after abdomen to undertake inside body nitrify reacts, generation gives carcinogenic substance. And the vitamin C that contains a lot ofin yangtao serves as a kind of antioxidant, can control response of this kind of nitration effectively, prevent cancer happening;

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2.Newest medicine considers to make clear, intoShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Person melancholia has physiological base, it gives qualitative lack to concern with nerve of a kind of cerebra. The serum that contains in yangtao promotes element to have the effect of stable mood, composed mood, the natural inositol that additionally it contains, conduce to cerebral ministry activity, because this can help blue person walk out of mood trough;

3.There is good prandial thread in yangtao, it can reduce cholesterol not only, stimulative heart is healthy, and can help aid digestion, prevent constipation, keep clear of quickly and prevent the harmful metabolization thing that piles up inside body.

Of yangtao juice reach unsuited crowd aptly

1.Cancer patient, hypertensive1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Patient, coronal1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Anxiety patient, cardiovascular disease patient, inappetence, dyspeptic person, the special type staff member such as aviation, downy, mine suits; especially

2.Lienal empty jalf congealed person, diarrhoea of chill cold, malaria, cold wet dysentery, chronic gastritis, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, children person unfavorable edible.

The dietotherapy of yangtao juice action

Yangtao sex pleasant of cold, flavour is acerbity, into; of classics of lienal, stomach clear heat promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, be good at lienal stop have diarrhoea, stop; of thirsty diuretic effect is commonly used will treat the disease such as thirsty of inappetence, dyspeptic, queasy vomiting and irritated heat, icteric, disappear, Shi Lin, colic, haemorrhoid.

Note: Ate yangtao not to drink milk yangtao and milk to be fed together immediately not only the influence is digested absorb, still can make the person appears abdominal distension, bellyacke, diarrhoea.