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In the autumn with mature grape, can buy a few grapes to be in the home more, oneself make white wine, not only the fun that is a kind of life, the bishop mouthfeel that does at the same time is better, also need not worry about the problem of antiseptic, drink the effect that a few have recuperation body and sanitarian body appropriately, the practice that white wine increases an amount actually not difficult also, as long as strict according to the regulations that make, can make delicate white wine.

The way that white wine home makes

1, white wine brew does not need grape garment, so grape carry is squeezed first to the winery broken. Now and then, the brew division flavour to improve wine, can wear grape clothes in grape juice (the dip in Must) , but after extracting juice to be followed very quickly commonly, undertake.

2, the juice of the first batch of grapes that pours out of from juicer, flavour mostLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Alcohol is beautiful, aroma is the most sterling. So first-rate wine is by the first batch namely ” pour out of naturally ” grape juice is made. Undertake as what compress, can release from inside grape garment religion much acrid. Want to make sure bishop is harmless to health, kind of pea Shang Yi should resemble in purify grape juice, olive, opaque, have sweet liquid. Pass the night is set in refrigerant tank, silent precipitation; Perhaps divide broken bits with centrifugal method.

The way that white wine home makes

3, PuNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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After grapes juice clarifies, can undertake fermenting. Ferment the influence of the odour to wine has two fundamental ways in white wine brew: Temperature reachs uses container.

Microtherm can hold grapy raw ingredient. Ferment be radiative below natural state, so barmy tank drops in temperature with running water commonly, be in in order to maintain 10 – between 17.8 ℃ . High temperature can accelerate biochemical reaction, shrink bingle ferment process, but lose of the caustic in the process that the fragrance in grape juice is evaporating.

The way that white wine home makes

Ferment in inert container and most wine is become. In the winery of world each district, you can see old ligneous, stainless steel or the various big crocks of the concrete quality of a material that carries liner (Vat) . If division of a certain brew wants to borrow oak to let bishop become more compound, the Tibet after be about to fermenting joins oak in wine. What use the most extensively is France ” come1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Result from Aliye (Allier) or (the forest of Nevers) ” the oak that reachs the United States.

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4, to get pure and fresh tastily product, the lactic acid that should notice to prevent to be able to bring about acidity to reduce ferments.

5, preventing oxygen also is the link that must notice in white wine brew, because a variety of phenolic apperception are contained to close matter in white wine, they have sex of stronger oxygen of be addicted toSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, if be oxidized, can make darken, the fresh fruit fragrance of wine decreases, appear even oxidation flavour.