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Age honey is the honey after the course stores for years commonly, age honey applies on medicine a lot of. Division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks age honey can achieve the result that treats a disease, can use age honey between a lot of prescription so. The officinal value of age honey still is not very clear at present, but a lot of people like,have health care through age honey. So, what does the nutrient value of grown honey have?

The officinal value of age honey

One, effect effect

Honey can improve haemal class status, push heart head and hemal use, often often take consequently have profit very much to cardiovascular patient

Honey has to liver safeguard the effect, can advance liver rejuvenesce, to fatty liverShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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form have certain inhibition the effect

Edible honey can make up for brawn quickly, eliminate exhaustion, enhance the strength to the disease

Honey still has sterilizationLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The effect, often edible honey, do not have an influence to the tooth not only, still can have the effect that sterilizes to sterilization inside oral cavity. The skin that honey can spend in cure is injured, especially scald, when regarding skin as traumatic dressing honey, the bacterium cannot grow

The profess to convinced before insomnious person is sleeping everyday 1 spoon honey (add 1 cup of warm boiled water inside) , can add rural area of speed fall asleep speed

Honey is returned can embellish bowel is aperient (if natural and adept true honey has the effect with embellish aperient bowel) .

The officinal value of age honey

2, hairdressing effect
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1, film of honey cucumber face (the United States is white divide knit)

Juice of cucumber extraction delicacy joins milk powder, honey right amount, wind oily essence

Count side of the besmear after drop is smooth, 20 ~ after 30 minutes abluent, or cucumber abluent cut chip to be stuck at facial ministry directly, have profit skin, whitened, except knitted action.

2, honey film of pearl powder face

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Prepare a clean small bottle, enter most bottle pearl powder, again slowly enter honey, the edge pours edge agitate, make honey and pearl powder mix adequately, notice honey does not fall too much, tone is become mushy can. Such face film had been done.

Before using, use Wen Shui to wash the face firstForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Clean, dipping in with small cotton autograph next mix up gets face film to get besmear to be on the face equably, not too thick, thin thin can, after passing 30 minutes, wash, can make a face smooth, luster.

The officinal value of age honey

3, film of face of red wine honey (beautiful white alimentary)

The bishop acid in red wine is fruit acid, can promote corneous metabolism, desalt pigment, make the skin whiter fair-skinned smooth. Honey has the effect that protects Shi Hezi to raise.

Method: Add one cannikin red wine 2 ~ beautiful honey of 3 ladle acacia is moved to thick after stiff condition, even apply is on the face, after working 8 minutes, wash clean with Wen Shui.

Attention: The person of alcohol allergy careful with!

4, acacia spends film of honey glycerine face (beautiful Bai Bushui)

Honey 1 spoon, glycerine 1 spoon, water 2 spoon, mix adequately, cream into face film namely, when using, besmear at the face the ministry is mixed gently cervical, form film, 20 ~ take care after 25 minutes face film take out can, film of this kind of face can be used at common, dry sex to decline decline skin, every week 1 ~ 2.

5, film of honey tomato face (the United States is white protect wet)

Take tomato squish juice first, join right amount honey and attune of a few flour to become cream shape, tu Yu is facial maintain 20 ~ 30 minutes, have make the skin moist, white tender, soft action.

6, honey is citric face film (prevent bask in)

Unripe egg, honey one small spoon, citric half, flour is right amount, the agitate after mixing is become cream shape, fall asleep after apply face, the following dayLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Wash with Wen Shui clean. Insist to use have more remarkable prevent bask in action.